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Issues with information regaring tyres


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I have experienced these issues for multiple years.

When you make it to Q3, the tyres you used to set the fastest lap in Q2 are the ones you will be starting on. So, ideally you would never touch this set of tyres again during Q3. You would wear out your starting tyres too much. But when in Q3, you can never tell which set is the one you will be starting on. You can only tell if you remember it. So I would opt for a notification when selecting the set that you'll be starting on.

Next point:

During the race I can see whether a set is new or used. But what does used mean? It could be the set I drove 1 lap with during Q3 and it's only 4% wear. It could also be the set I drove more laps with, but I can't tell from the info displayef on the MFD. Can they add a percentage to this?

Another issue:

Can you please tell us how many laps the race is during qualifying? This way I can make the call if I should start on softs or mediums.

When preparing for the race, can you inform me if my selected strategy uses used tyres or only new ones? It's information I'd like to know, cause it can make a difference.

Tyres are a very important part of the game, why is everything about it so mysterious?

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