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Steering wheel dashboard suggestions


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Whilst F1 games are going realistic every release, there is still a big amount of things that remains unreal. Yes, I'm talking about the steering wheel's dashboards for each car, which are still the "MFD" we all know. Every F1 2020 car has the same display, which is not realistic! It would be perfect to each car have their real dashes, not all of them with MFD. The MFD functions exist but I don't think the MFD itself exists in real life. If F1 games were made to be the most realistic possible, so why bother creating dashboards that doesn't even exist? It makes the cars very awkward in terms of immersion, either.

Even though this remains unaltered (possibly forever), I know some real dashes of the cars, like Racing Point, AlphaTauri, Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault.

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