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Dat der wee race in Canadia.


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Love living in Brazil, best place to watch F1 races. Races on the Far East happens start between 2-5 AM Sunday (great to watch after you are back home when saturday night fever ends), races on Europe, Middle East and Singapore start between 9-10 AM, Canada starts on 15PM and USA on 18PM.
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4 cars separated by 0.041 seconds. Insane.
Darn it. I was really hoping for Massa to take P3. How much closer can that get?

Rosberg beating Hamilton again/ purely on merit this time, depending on how you view the events of Monaco... And the time Nico gained on his last lap was roughly equal to the gap down to Hamilton. 
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yugin96 said:
AMS97KRR said:
Vettel beats Ricciardo!
(shock, horror, a four-time world champion actually beat his teammate, incredible)
Yeah, but by now it's obvious Ricciardo is the real deal, so titles don't come in to it when head to head in a qualifying session. 

The bigger news for me is the Red Bull's are 6-7 tenths off the Mercedes on a circuit which should suit the Mercedes perfectly. I know the track is short and the progress is steady, but it's happening. Mighty lap from Rosberg anyway though. I'm looking forward to seeing the onboard lap, on his first lap he threw the car in to the final chicane on the ragged edge. Didn't see it on his second lap, but I'm sure it was also pretty fast. 
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fIsince08 said:
Rather Cinderella was on pole than the #swagster
Only because you know Kimi doesn't stand a chance ;)

I'm probably supporting Bottas more this year, and last year. Kimi is having a dismal year, just can't catch a break. To compound that Raikkonens fanbase has deteriorated since 2012 into hordes of rebellious teenage girls and i'd rather not be associated with that. 
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