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Is there gonna be VR support errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?


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Hey everybody.


I've been bitten by the sim racing bug really hard since spring 2019. I want to get a dedicated rig going so that my little wheel and stand isn't in front of the family tv anymore...and I don't want to have the footprint that a tri-screen set up would entail...and I also just straight up don't want to buy all the stuff that is necessitated by a tri-screen. 

All I really want to do is grab a good VR headset, plug it into me lappy 286 and play some F1 2020. I love the cockpit mode and almost at 110 difficulty etc. etc....I think I'm ready for a more immersive experience to bring my skill to the next level.

Where that VR support? There is a paucity of information on it since launch declared VR support would be coming eventually. Crickets.


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