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Monza weekly event not functional bug report


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Last weeks F1 2019 weekly event at Spa did NOT allow qualifying or the race to take place due to ALL platforms having error code 500:H

Now this weeks event at Monza is already being reported. Here the best official bug report I can do while at work using my phone.

game version: F1 2019 rev 1.22 (I think, or whatever that latest is)

platform: PS5 (all 3 platforms affected)

mode: Monza weekly event qualifying

issue: can run all three practice sessions but cannot qualify for event due to error code 500:H. 

Corrective measures: I’ve tried resetting my PS4 & my internet. There is nothing I can do. The issue is not on my side. 

Please, let the community know that you are aware of the issue & what the plan is. Are you fixing it or are there no more 2019 events??? Something.....

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It seems to be working now. I will not know for sure until Friday when I go to qualify. I do know that as long as each day the number of people who have qualified goes up, it's working. Last week for Spa it said 328 people qualified for the race from like Tuesday through the entire rest of the week. So I will be checking to make sure this number is going up every day. Thanks for fixing it for us. However, I was extremely looking forward to the Spa event last week, which appears to have been a dry start and wet finish. Can you put it back into the lineup? Spa in the rain is awesome!!!!

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