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Mercedes halo 1.12

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20 minutes ago, FTBuzzard said:

where did you got Mugello? 😳


14 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

They are real-life images @FTBuzzard


[_] Games look like games.

[X] Games are good enough to pass for real life.

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7 minutes ago, Lewis44TheWin said:

Pretty sure that is color reflecting onto the halo from their helmets, if you watch highlights or the race itself you can see how it reflects.

Its not a reflection. Mercedes put a coloured stripe on the halo (at the request of David croft) so you can tell which car it is when viewing the t-cam

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@BarryBL any word about the Mercedes halo’s?

On 10/19/2020 at 6:17 PM, BarryBL said:

Replicated, logged and reported @StanleyGoodspeed

I noticed patch 1.13 is out, but nothing about the Mercedes liveries was mentioned in the patch notes. 

Mercedes is champion, and Hamilton as of yesterday the best F1 driver in history.. 🤗 so I find it a little strange that their liveries aren’t accurate.

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  • Administrator

Hi Stanley,

While I debate Hamilton being the best driver in F1 history (always Schumi for me), we have to follow the design approvals given to us by the F1 teams exactly. At this moment in time, the current designs we have do not have the differentiation halo colours on both Bottas and Hamilton. 

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4 hours ago, svensenk86 said:

I am with you @BarryBL   😉 but I have to say HAM increased very much with his behavior and character, so he deserves that as well.

Schumacher has a somewhat legendary cult status by now, well deserved of course. But I’m often surprised that people forget he could also be kind of a dirty driver 😇

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