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(Multiplayer) - Players who left still in the lobby with AI

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Description of the issue: Sometimes, it happens that when players leave the lobby during a race, the next race their AI is still there, although they players is already out of the lobby. The Gamertags stay in the lobby (a bit greyed out) and block the cockpits for other real players.

Game version: 1.12

Platform: Xbox One

Replication: For most players, when they leave, they disappear, but every race there are like 1-2 players who are still shown.

Replication method: Race, have 5 players leave the lobby during the race and see if they are still shown in the lobby for the next race.

Game mode: Unranked 

It affects all players in the lobby, as their AIs are still racing the next races, event though the player is out.

Screenshots: Here we have 1 screenshot showing, how many people have left the lobby (during the race result screen at Brazil) and 2 screenshots showing how many of these greyed out players are still in the lobby.



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Ye, thats pain in the a... Sometimes next race starts with 5+ bots because you can't kick them, well the only way to do it is to restart championships, like changing cars used in lobby.

Don't know why codies didn't include option to kick "ghosts" from the lobby... It's like this since F1 2019, maybe even 2018.

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Do away with rejoin then people would sort poor connections out. Or they'd be more honest about how poor multiplayer is.

The amount of bugs that are probably created by a rude disconnect, incomplete file sync and by killing the executable is intangible.

Loss of FFB, incorrect setups, delta errors, problems with the results, inconsistent penalty application, the knock-on list is not exhaustive.

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