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Patch 1.12 AI doesn’t get blue flags - Master Thread

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I've had this kind of problem too


1.       Whenever I have to lap backmarkers or I'm getting lapped by faster cars there's no sign of blue flags or lights at the marshall posts
2.       Version 1.12
3.       Game-mode: MyTeam
4.       Are you able to recreate the issue? I have a pretty average car so every race I lap cars and I get lapped
5.       I've started having issues at every race after some saves mid race and some change of settings (AI difficulty, corner cutting rule, race distance)
7.       I'm playing on a gamepad but I think it's irrelevant
8.       As I said it happens every race but I don't have any picture or video. Anyway, it's the same problem reported by some people before me

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Has anyone seen if this issue is resolved yet? Just as it doesn’t seem to be written in the patch list. 

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Issue is resolved for me. Now hopefully they will work on getting rid of the dreadful halo. I love authenticity but the option to turn this off in cockpit or the over the cockpit view would make a massive difference 

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