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Good clubs for beginners?


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I already joined the official Codemasters club, but I'm looking to expand to more online interaction with other racers.

I admit, I gave up after about 15 pages of clubs with 1 member in the DR2 "find a club" listing before giving up. Other than platform and controller, I can't see a good way to find clubs that I might reasonably enjoy as a new sim racer. These are some characteristics I'm hoping to find. Maybe someone can recommend some clubs or point me somewhere to a more categorical (and current) list.

Mostly Stage Rally only

Accepting of beginners, different platforms, different controllers

Has a variety of events across different classes - no RWD B group only club for me! :)

Easy-going attitude - Living in the U.S. gives me enough drama, I don't need more in a racing club.

Those are the basics I'd like to see, within a range.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I can only recommend clubs I'm in obviously.

Clubs with hardcore damage disabled, forced cockpit camera disabled and assists enabled:

Gravel Busters (is running a 9 round rally championship, currently in 3rd round in australia with Group B 4WD, doesn't switch classes within the championship, ~9 stages each rally)

Ray Charles Race (is running a 12 round rally championship, currently in 7th round in scotland with H2 FWD, switches classes within the championship, also most of the time around 7 stages each rally)

RaceDepartment (currently runs single rallies with ~7-8 stages each, the current one is sweden with Group A)

There is also DiRT Rally Leagues, look further down on this subforum to get more information about that.
There you get into a club for your level of skill.

All other clubs I'm in have hardcore damage enabled, but allow non-cockpit cams and assists (most of them).

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