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Future possible tweaks to F1 games

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Hi my name is Josh. When playing F1 2020 i realise that the Ai in qualifying only do 2 laps in all sessions of Quali. It would be good if they go out again after their 1st lap and before the last lap in final few mins. This is more for Q1 and maybe Q2 as Q3 its realistic to see them do it as it is now. Just a little bug bear i have and to see more laps in Q1, 2. 

My last point is that the Ai did get tweaked for slowing down to let you pass but it's still annoying to see that im on a practice programme for example Qualifying pace and their is a car directly behind me trying to overtake and then losing my time to the delta. I remember from previous games like 2010, 2011, 12,13,14 that the Ai are coded to be slow  on out lap and in  laps and getting out of way when this is so. would be good to see this back and more updated.

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