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Highly sensitive contact penalties under safety car

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Description: To preface, I’m uncertain if this is a bug or intended. Under safety car conditions, if you make the slightest bit of contact with another car (or another car contacts you), you receive a 5 second penalty. 


1.12 (and previous versions)



14 players in lobby 

Do others experience this?: It seems to happen to anyone who makes contact during the safety car

Replication: Can replicate through contact under safety car in all races

How do you make the problem happen?: Under safety car, make (any sort) of contact with another car. 


Video evidence:

slightest of touches:


Hit from behind:


hit from behind (different race):



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  • Administrator

By Design @Worthingtonio on this one. 

Much like corner cutting, its really frowned upon under Safety Car conditions. With your example and translated to real-life, hitting someone while under Safety Car conditions (where the track safety is already compromised) would be a big faux pas. Much like how corner cutting under Safety Car would further risk the safety on track, as the car that has cut would technically also be off circuit when marshals would be clearing an incident.

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I am also experiencing this phenomenon.
And my friends and community members are experiencing this phenomenon and often send out angry comments.

It's an unreasonable specification, and I think there are quite a few people who feel the experience and resentment.

I hope to improve early.

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