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12 stage events with no service areas - H3 RWD Survivathon. :)


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One of the guys over on Steam has started running a few clubs called Survivathons. Each event is basically all 4 of the country's long stages, run 3 times for varying weather and time of day.

So 12 stages per event in total, and yep the kicker is that there are zero service areas once you've started. You have to get through 12 full-length stages without any repairs.
... which means first-stage moments like this are pretty hairy! 



The H3 Survivathon has recently begun and unsurprisingly, not a lot of people are keen to jump in. So I thought I'd give it a plug here: 

Assists are off, external cameras are on. 
It covers the original 6 DR2 locations, so base-game owners can jump in too.
Each event is 1 week, and we're still in the 1st event with 5 days left.

Other Survivathons are running as well; the H1 and H2 Survivathons are in their 2nd or 3rd events right now. As you might guess, they are going through the classes from oldest to youngest. More Survivathons will be added after the H3, but not until some of the current ones finish due to each one requiring ~2 hours per week. An overview thread to see all of them is here.


Oh and I'm not hot stuff btw. I'm in the H3 'athon with the Stratos, so far 8 wall grazes after 4 stages and my first real run with manual lel.  :D

Anyone keen to see how they really go at keeping their H3 alive for 12 full stages? :D



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