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The paradigm of shift from the old games onto new ones - ABSENT!!! in Racenet Administration.

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Solid company, for example, BMW or FIAT, thinks the intricacies of the transition from old models to new ones.
Still they produce spare parts for cars 1950s. 
When I started playing Racenet, I also thought it is "BMW". But practice has shown that this is not so. 
In last year the first (home) page are not  worked regularly more 3-th months. This was in favor of the transition to the F1 2013.
Now, not running (?!) great Dirt Showdown, and from May 28 ceased to record the results for F1 2012.
Here are my own observations. There are 12 drivers the best for last week:
1. Dominik95 - 233.535XP
2. Cykcyk1997 - 171.565XP
3. Mauricekorving - 54.995XP
4. Eyesxl2 -47.405XP
5. nadz0r -150.825XP
6. pbonline - 13.600XP
7. Eviltweety - 25.489XP
8. ShedevilXL1 - 29.880XP
9. 1Sheff - 6.150XP
10. joefast - 2.250XP
11. Tags28 - 60.880Xp
12. HORSESHOE - 309.390XP
All these racers won gold. But no one got these achievements in Racenet. 
Apparently this is connected with the launch of the new game GRID Autosport.
I made a pre-payment of this game, but this approach to users from the Racenet Administration probably I shall not install it and I shall not be playing it
There are many other excellent manufacturers of simulators that relate to users with dignity.

You need to respect users. They pay you.
At least you can post General declarations on anticipated difficulties in starting new games.
The user should know what to expect in this case.
Otherwise it's just a behavior of a boss, and not friend-manufacturer.
However, the boss pays the salary for obedience to his orders.

We understand that Racenet was created to attract new customers, but you must not neglect the interests of previous buyers. 
The result of this will harm Your company.
Thanks for attention.

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