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Non-Proportioned Skill Races


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Currently I am silver 3 in F1 2020 with a safety rating of S and I find it almost impossible at some times to find games at all or to find games with anyone that is lower that gold 2 in ranking. I think that safety rating plays too much in the role of matchmaking and ruins the ability for me to climb to further ranks because of the drastic skill gap between myself and other drivers and the lack of drivers at my rank that I can compete with. While I know this can be attributed to my personal skill level, and some people would say "just get better", but how am I supposed to get better if I can't find races in my skill level to compete with. While I think safety rating is important the amount it plays into the matchmaking is way to high and only raises the ever expanding skill celling for other drivers. I love to play this game but how am I supposed to play it if finding a match takes an hour of my time that could be spent learning and driving. If you could address this 

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