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Looking for US Based PC F1 2020 League

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2 clean drivers on PC/wheel looking for US based league just for fun.

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Late Night Racing is the fastest-growing F1 e-Sports organization in the world. Our league Late Night Racing (LNR), is looking for new drivers.

We are an established league which is partnered with AlliantMotosports.

We are in our 5th season with fair FIA, clean lobbies, and passionate drivers. You can check out our races at: https://www.twitch.tv/alliantmotorsports

We have two tiers for you. One is Development Tier which is for less experienced drivers and we have PRO Tier which is for drivers who have a strong race craft. We currently need faster drivers for Pro Tier, but all drivers are welcome.

The time to compare yourself to for Pro Tier is - AUSTRIA TT 1:03.2 Pro tier races are on Wednesday at 22:30 UK and Development tier races are on Sunday at 22:30 UK. Feel free to join and have some amazing races as we do.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/nARS9T3


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