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Hi guys, im using steam on my pc and as steeringwheel i useThrustmaster force feedback f1 ferrari.

every time i want to play i have  to load the two setup files from codemaster.

it drives me nuts. and when i finished my wheel will not come to the center and heve to clibrate via menu.

Please help.

Angry dutchman

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Hello I am Exasperated and I am not joking when I say that my advice in all seriousness is that you should just buy a PS4  then just go and race , I have your wheel on a PS4 and it just works  The thing that I am angry about is the extra 300 hp that Exports drivers have and I am serious about that , what's the cheat , any one know because I would like to see them cruise around on a Sunday drive at AI level 110 on my set up even using their Mario Karts view camera and with all assists on , not a chance, " She's at warp facto 20 Capitan if I give her any more she'll break up ". No seriously though what do they do to get all that extra speed there is something not right there.  does the car go faster using a Fanatic CSL Elite or is it something else and don't tell me it is set up. If only I was in charge of the set up for the F1 Exports series , I think the Mario Karters would find their lap times tumbling by 10 seconds not a tenth of a second .
Anyway I hope you sort your problem one way or another but the easy fix is a PS4.

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