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Driver Career - Sponsorship, Pay Drivers and F2 Integration


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So, let's face it: in the real world, talent alone isn't going to get you a seat in F1 without having some sponsorship money behind you.

Here's an idea I just thought up:

Fully integrate F2 into Driver Career, including results having an affect on your acclaim (despite this year's in-game descriptions, this isn't actually a thing unfortunately).

As you go through your F2 season, you'll be approached by sponsors. Depending on how well you've been doing, they will differ and each sponsor will have a different set value to it. Accept a sponsor and, along with the sponsor's logo going on one of your helmet's sponsor slots (added helmet realism that will carry through to F1 and throughout your save), you will also add that sponsor's value to your 'Acclaim Bank'. Collect as many sponsors with the best value that you can (remember, it'll depend on results, the better you do, the better the sponsor and the more you can add to your Acclaim Bank) and at the end of the season, it'll be time to go to an F1 team.

Each F1 team will not only require a target goal for your final F2 championship position, but will also want you to put towards the team with the Acclaim Bank that you've accumulated. The bigger the team, the more they'll require. Example (numbers are off the top of my head): make a total of 10 million in Acclaim Bank, but join Williams and only 7 of it will be spent. The rest will be kept for Perks, an existing mechanic.

More perks could be designed in line with this: Gearbox Wear, Tyre Wear, etc. Perhaps even a Luck perk - if you don't invest in this one, you'll be more likely to suffer from random reliability (as opposed to Durability) issues, a way to put mechanical failures into the game without placing the blame on the car and perhaps make it more acceptable from a licencing point of view.

Bear in mind that I don't know the real details of whether teams like Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull require sponsorship money like the smaller teams do, but there could be an additional mechanic where the top 3 teams from the previous season only require a very high championship position. So to get to the very best teams, you'll have to be good enough. This mechanic would ideally carry from season to season in F1 as well, being able to switch sponsors and having a set contract length for each one. 

I think this would really add some depth to Driver Career that is currently missing in comparison with MyTeam.

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