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Resuming Career results in game crashing

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I previously reported this at the end of July but it got kind of waylaid by the effects of the F1 2020 1.08 patch debacle and associated Trusteer Rapport issues.....so I thought I would resurrect it. The issue is, I believe, a corrupted savegame file but this is what happens;

I load the game and am able access all the other aspect of the game (Time Trial, Multiplayer etc) with out any problems. However, when I try and 'Continue Career', the first page (showing the driver points table) loads OK but when I then select 'Continue Career' I get the stills of the track whilst 'loading' but then get the EGO Dumper page. I select 'Send Report' and a few seconds later the game crashes back to my desktop.

Bug Report

1.       Won't load Continue Career.
2.       V 1.22
3.       Career
4.      Yes - see description above
5.      Every time I try and load Career
6.      Verified Steam files
7.       Fanatec wheelbase, wheel and pedals.
8.      N/A


DxDiag 2.txt

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