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small wishlist


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Hey CM team, first of all thank you for this great game.

After 100+ hours of in-game career and My Team experience, i have few suggestions for the next patch (or the next F1 title) to increase the longevity of this F1 chapter:

- Mechanical failures for the player -> it's too much easy obtain an indestructible car after 1 season of R&D, activating the failures due to an aggressive driving style or a couple of defective components should increase the unpredictability of the races

- 2nd driver rivalry -> basically the 2nd driver in MyTeam and in Career is just another guy wit an helmet and an equally car, why don't you put more rivalry between the drivers and activate events like provoked accidents or dumb overtakes?

- From the pit -> at the start of my career (or at the end of MyTeam if i'm rich enough) i should be able to spectate to the races and gain experience/strategy tips if i'm a novice or decide the strategies/communicates to the drivers if i'm a veteran, of course the response will depends on my reputation or my relationships with them

- F1 real footage -> especially for the dedicated DLCs, it could be marvellous to see the real footages of the real races when introducing cars, drivers or some racetracks. Some cutscenes made with the in-game engine are really good, but seeing the real Michael Schumacher flying in SPA with his Jordan or fight in Australia with the Benetton is still breathtaking and nostalgic

- F1 old logo -> yes, the 90s F1 logo with that kicking ass rocking guitar fits perfectly with the Classic F1 events

- Real sponsors for MyTeam career -> or at least not those generic white logos, some of them are actually pretty good but that's not enough. I've chosen the Renault engine, why i can't have the Renault sponsor on my car?


Surely i don't want to ask cars or racetracks because it takes a lot of time (i admit that more '70s and '80s cars are welcome)

So, what do you think?



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Yes to everything. I have big expectations for F1 2021 for next gen consoles.


I expect a lot of improvements for the AI, AI logic, decision making, more variables and stuff that may not be possible with today's hardware. Also a more in-depth damage system that is not just the front wing.

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