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2019 BB model (and more) were more realistic and fun


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Mister and Misses, 

I have to say i really enjoyed the model you implemented on F1 2019, it felt more realistic and punitive when over driving.

- Take the Brake Balance perspective for instance on 2019. Too much towards 50% and the rear would get away on a heavy braking zone and too much towards 60% and the front would be overloaded and lock. So for every track you needed to work the setup on the BB which required meticulous analysis and forced you to make choices at which corner you wished to be strong and others where you had to sacrifice some time. Big loss to me on 2020, just put 50% BB, no risk to go on an ice rink experience and vamos. (BB just helps adjusting tire temps on 2020 so yeah still got an interesting aspect)

- Also gearbox, you can really see that effect on f2 cars model:  go down the gear too quickly and SWOOSH the rear is off to the shadow realm. On f1 2020 ? just mash it and nothing will happen, frustrating, a bit. There's is this feeling of lesser risk taken when overdriving it. 

While the f2 cars STILL HAVE THAT model which makes it difficult (but more realistic) but not impossible. And the experience is closer to realistic and brings more pleasure at the end of the day, from my perspective. I define racing as a very very difficult experience but as the most satisfying when you drove to your maximum on the limit and did not lose it at any moment. It's endurance on the limit ALL THE TIME and i love it. 

F1 2019 had a more realistic approach to the genre in general (anti roll bars had a serious effect on tire effect,  nowadays on f1 2020: poof gone just put 10-8 in hungary and you ll be juuust fine, tires won t wear  much more)
 At the moment, i have a preference for F2 cars (which have a more 2019 philosophy model) over 2020 F1 cars (they are still awesome babies). It's frustrating since you HAD that model before so somewhere in the office you agreed to make it more realistic and applied it to 2019 and then backed off from that philosophy for 2020. I have to ask why ? 

I guess you get the idea, let me know what you think, again thank you for listening and for your time to consider it. 

See you ! 


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