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[XBOX] Looking for Drivers and Team Principals - AciesLR

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Acies League Racing is currently looking for Drivers and team principals to join the league for season 4!

We have an established community with drivers of all abilities.

We currently have 2 tiers, X2 and X1. X2 races at 7pm uk and X1 at 8pm. Races are on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The next season starts on Wednesday the 4th of November.


Team principals get to manage a team of up to 4 drivers as well as sign who they want for their team, this can be anyone from within, or outside the league!


The link for our discord is: https://discord.gg/SsKvThB
our twitter: https://twitter.com/acieslr

our twitch: https://twitch.tv/acieslr


Any questions don't be afraid to contact us 🙂


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