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Hey There! 

I was thinking about how codemasters or even you would adjust the driver ratings for f1 drivers of the past. How would you set the Ratings for hülkenberg? Alonso? Michael Schumacher? Senna? And other driver?

I Think Hülkenberg could be quiet similar to the states of Perez. 

80 exp, 89 Racecraft, 83 Awareness, 87 pace.

Which values would you choose for them in terms of Expierence, Racecraft, awareness and pace? 

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The Hulkster
91 exp
90 racecraft
87 awareness
84 pace

99 exp
97 racecraft
99 awareness
90 pace

99 exp
94 racecraft
90 awareness
96 pace

99 exp
99 racecraft
88 awareness
99 pace

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