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GRL is looking for commentators

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Hey there!

We are the Gentlemens Racing League, currently in our first season of F1 racing.
A 50% race is held every sunday at 19:00 UTC with a full grid of drivers from all around the world.

We are looking for two co-commentators to spectate and comment these races. Prior experience is not
strictly required, and we are happy if you want to grow together with us, though we are not at all opposed to
experienced commentators either. We will provide you with some assets (e.g. logo, animated intro clip)
and if there is interest in it we may be able to build custom telemetry tools for you to get better insights than
what the default in-game spectator mode allows for.

If you are interested, come check us out at https://grl.gg and join our discord at https://discord.gg/sTfuzTy .

See you,

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