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Desafortunadamente, ese es el problema con los juegos multijugador, no puedes alejarte de los trolls y los saboteadores. Lo mejor que puedes hacer es unirte a una liga donde las carreras requieren contraseñas para unirse.

Unfortunately, that's the problem with multiplayer games, you can't stay away from trolls and spoilers. The best thing to do is join a league where racing requires passwords to join.



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I wont use the word trolls in reference to playing F1 but as for spoilers/saboteurs......yes there are some online drivers who spoil the gaming/driving experience for other drivers. I've taken the decision not to play online because of this. I would rather pit my driving skills against offline AI generated drivers. On the few occasions that I've participated in an online race I've been forced off the track by aggressive drivers. It's not for me. It's not for Codemasters to 'fix' but rather online drivers to have a conscience.

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My translation is a little rusty 😉

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