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Lost 20% performance overnight... (fixed)

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I'm reinstalling the game now... I bought Dirt Rally 2.0 for VR a few days ago and yesterday I had some time to try it out. I took my time researching and trying out the best settings and finally found something that looks great and runs above 72fps (I have a quest2) consistently (I have had about 20% performance overhead). Then I started a Rally and played for about 1-2h and had great fun.

Today I start up my PC and want to get into it again, get into the same stage as yesterday and I notice some stutter. I turn on oculus performance tools and there it is, i lost about 20-30% performance compared to yesterday. The game always runs in 36fps mode and rarely jumps up to 72, constantly in the red. And even if I turn down the settings (which I spent about an hour tuning yesterday...) it has issues running smooth. Even with everything set to minimum and above 72fps there is some stutter when turning.

Any ideas? It's literally been ~12h since everything was fine. I didn't install any updates, no changes nothing...

[e]FIXED: I reinstalled the game, then reinstalled the oculus software and researched on the internet did some things and now it's back to the levels from yesterday. I think the solution was either one of two things:

- Reinstalling the oculus software
- Setting the priority of the oculus vr service (OVRServer_x64.exe) to "high" in task manager.

Anyway the issue is not with the game but with oculus software or link 🙂 

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