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Collision shield not working properly

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I've noticed at lot more hits from the opponent car since the last two weeks. It seems to happen especially on contact from to my car read end or when I get brake checked by the opponent and then bump into him.

A solution would be to extends the collision detection box in the rear / front axis. More generally I feel the collision box is too small and will often get it on the side as well.

More over, I've suffer a lot of contact from other cars that got hit by the opponent which then sends me flying in the wall or off track. This is an issue as there is no possible way to react to such events that happens in milliseconds, generally at the first turn. This basically transforms grid start and some sprint start into a coin flip on who will survive turn one the better.

A solution would be to ghost the player car when the opponent hit another car within close / medium range.

On another subject but still annoying: sprint race at certains tracks create a gap between the two cars that is really unfair. For example, in a sprint race at Sotchi, the player starting behind will be around 0.6 seconds back from its opponent at the start line and suffer a difference in initial speed as well. This is not fair. This also happens at other tracks such as Silverstone

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This is a great point.  The people that create F1 Mobile are bright.  The current Collision Shield is the best yet, but you can't tell me that the coding cannot further improve and recognize the two biggest offenses out there: (1) deliberate side-swiping on a straightaway, and (2) ramming someone from behind and pushing them through the turn at the end of a straightaway.  It is one thing to race assertively wheel-to-wheel down the Kemmel Straight at Spa and bump someone.  It is another to aggressively and rapidly turn into someone in the same scenario.  Likewise, at Monza, it is one thing to miss your braking point into the first chicane and bump someone.  It is another to not brake at all or brake after you ram the leading car and shove them through the chicane, thereby giving them a penalty as well.  

Why can the coding not penalize those drivers with loss of League Points or Resource Points for that duel?  For truly grievous offenders, start docking them Credits after x number of penalties.  This would only further improve the game's attractiveness.  

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On duel mode we should be in ghost car mode the whole time!!! Grid starts and sprint mode more than any other. Sprint mode is terrible and both sprint and grid aren’t duels cause we’re racing the whole field.

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