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F2 - Monaco Qualifying

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In my Driver Career, I'm going through the full F2 season before hopefully making the jump to F1. I've noticed a few oddities as I've progressed through the season, and none more bizarre than at Monaco, when during the qualifying session, only one car from each team was loaded into the session. My teammate was not present, and there were only 10 cars in the 30-minute session.


When qualifying had finished, everyone in my session finished in an even-numbered position (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th etc...), and in the pre-race preview for the Feature Race, Alex Jakes went through the grid and while all the cars were now present, the positions didn't tally with the times that were shown on the screen - i.e. the driver that qualified 3rd had supposedly set a much faster time than the car that qualified 2nd, despite not even being in the same qualifying session.


The race itself proceeded fine (except I'm absolutely horrific at Monaco and came 18th), but certainly this qualifying oddity is one that needs rectifying.



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Hey this is not a bug, this is how F2 qualifying works at Monaco to avoid drivers getting blocked on track. 1 driver from each team take parts in a session.

Hopefully this image from 2019 helps clear things up.


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