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F2 - Cars Pitting Way Too Many Times In Wet Races

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The other really strange occurrence that I've noticed during my F2 campaign is that during wet races, some cars will repeatedly make pit stops to change their wet tyres over. This has happened in the Sprint Race at Silverstone and now the Sprint Race at the Hungarian GP, both of which started in the wet, but it didn't happen at all in the Feature Race in Baku, which also started in the wet.


At Silverstone, I wondered if it was due to wet weather during the practice session and this causing issues for the AI with regards to being on the freshest Wet tyres during the race - if they're all used, they can't get their heads around which set of tyres they're supposed to be on, so during the race they constantly pit to change over. However, I'm currently in the middle of the Sprint Race at Hungary and it didn't rain in the practice session.


It's only affecting a handful of cars - at the moment I'm 9 laps in to the Sprint Race and Jack Aitken has pitted four times while Jordan King, Nobuharu Matsushita and Juan Manual Correa have all pitted six times already, changing between wet tyres on each occasion.


It detracts from the realism of the game for sure.



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