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Honest praise for Codemasters and the F1 game

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So, I know this part of the forum often has users commenting on features of the game, things they'd like to see or that they dislike about the game. And just as much, we all know F1 is not perfect - not the RL sport nor the game - and there are lots that could be made better, but at the same time I feel like CM doesn't get enough praise for the things they get right in the game. Sure there are awards and reviews, but I felt it would be no harm to toss a topic over here as well.

I've been playing F1 games for decades, from Sega Genesis games to the often-well remembered Grand Prix series by Geoff Crammond. PS1, PS2 games, and so on. And over all these years, many games have tried to recreate different aspects of the sport, from the physics to the TV-style presentation, the circuits, everything. And although I'm aware of the shortcomings of the medium, I have to say the current breed of F1 games really offers me what I want the most from the genre: booting up the game, loading up a championship season and going on gruelling long races against an AI that drives kind of like the real drivers would.

I'm not one for Career modes or Multiplayer racing. My main focus is in championship modes, racing against drivers based on their RL selves, on RL cars. And on that, I can't praise CM enough for making a pretty consistent, solid experience for me.

F1 2020 in particular has encouraged me to try several different combos of cars and tracks with those daily/seasonal challenges with their little rewards. Whenever I open the game, I always check that tab and come up with a different race under different conditions. That led me to try all the cars in the game, pretty much every track, and that has revealed the things I like the MOST about F1 2020.

- The amount of content is great. The cars, the tracks, the daily challenges, the classic stuff. Often people say I could move to some other sim, just having to download thousands of mods to get all the tracks and cars right. I like doing that, sure, but at the end of a long work day, I just want some hours behind the wheel at times, you know.
- The AI is not perfect, but boy does it put up some nice fights. Side by side over several corners, undercutting, and a general steady, solid pace. Coming from other race games which often have stuff like rubberbanding or way-too-often random crashes and spins, I really have to push myself to beat them.
- Weather. Say what you will about physics, or how iRacing and AC are better sims or whatever, but nothing beats getting into a race completely unsure of how it's going to pan out. Weather forming up, threats of rain, sun suddenly popping from between the clouds. The atmosphere it gives to some races is amazing, and it often reminds me of my own experience at the racetrack, looking up and trying to guess what will come next
- Graphically speaking, the game runs great on my years-old machine, whereas others like WRC, AC often have me dialing down the graphics to get a decent experience. There are lots of tiny details I love, the hand animations on the wheel, the rain effects, the late-afternoon lighting as you get closer to the end of a long race.

Like I said, I know fans are often the most critical when it comes to talking about the game they play. And I do have my tons of criticisms and suggestions, things I'd love to see (or that I would love to have removed). But hey, these are super tough times, 2020 has proven to be a most challenging year for a number of causes, and yet I got a game that's been helping me cope with some of it by really providing me with great, absolutely great racing action.

I guess I just really wanted to say that, among this sea of topics in this forum, that I hope the devs know they made a game that keeps some dude from South America happy af. Thanks Codies.

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