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Loading Screens/Weekend Format


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It would be nice to find a way to have the game stay in the track once its loaded for the duration of the weekend.  All the reloading of the track and menu between practice, quali, and race seems unnecessary.  Just have the game load the track once and then be able to manage your weekend from there.  If this came as a consequence of not being able to manage R&D throughout the weekend, so be it.

Other Ideas

1. be able to ‘sim weekend’ in My Team Mode from the Team headquarters.

2. feature to turn off claire and the interviews.  this is novel the first few seasons, but after a while it’s annoying.  As an alternative, you could try and find a way to have these interviews happen while the game is loading the track or the menu in the background.

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I'm sorry but I disagree with all of these.


If the track loads from the get go, and you're unable to go to the data center, then those of us that have a "practice" engine and a "race" engine, will have to switch engine components during practice sessions, which will take away from your track time. IRL this can happen in between sessions.


1. I don't think this is possible, since weather loads once one enters the weekend. That's one reason I can think of.

2. Some sponsors require you to have these interviews. Claire's questions are always about what occurred during the practice/qualy/race sessions. 

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