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Steering Wheel LED Lights Incorrect

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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but I'd like to know why the shift lights and DRS lights for the official cars is not accurate to real life in Driver Career/Time Trial/Online but it is when driving as a real driver in Grand Prix Mode. This has never been a problem in past games and thought it would've been fixed by now for 2020 but it hasn't so I'm guessing this may be a design feature so it's the same no matter what car you drive online, nevertheless some info would be appreciated. It isn't a massive problem and there are of course more important issues that need addressing but it does add to the immersion. Cheers

Included 2 images of the Ferrari below in different modes as an example.

Time Trial with incorrect lights:



Grand Prix Mode that is accurate to real life:


Is there a way to use RPM of Grand Prix mode in Career mode?


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If you play on pc you can use the mod: Steering wheel lights + Realistic tires on racedepa.

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