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Career mode and car upgrades

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Hi guys, i want to understand this system. Say i start a new season with a fresh car with no upgrades, does the AI also upgrades their cars during the season? Then, lets say i start the second season with the same car, does the ai also have fully upgraded cars? What if i start 3rd season with another unapgraded car will the ai also be starting from scratch? 

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I could be wrong, but I don't think the AI are affected by car upgrades one jolt/bit/iota. Even the car they have doesn't have any impact on them, it's just a random label.


The AI is a very good challenge, but I really hope for future games they get a bit more variety and personality in the way of modifiers for things like this. Other examples of things that would instantly give them a lot more character: different skills on different surfaces (possibly tied to nationality), the qualities of the car (eg Stratos better on tarmac), having some traits like consistency and reliability.

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