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TT2.0: Time Trail Challenges


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Time Trail Challenges


Welcome to Time Trail 2.0, which for now I would like to call Time Trail Challenges (TTC).

TTC is a combination of Time Trail and Clubs, but with it offering a new way friends and club members can challenge each other, while also improving their leaderboard times at the same time.

TTC you can compare with a time attack event. Everyone has an X amount of attemts to post their fastest time on a stage or a few stages during a certain time periode. They driver who posted the fastest time (or fastest overall time of the combines stages) is the Time Trail Challenge winner of the event. 

This could mean that the fastest time could be reimproved by all drivers till the time period or till the X amount of attempts have been taken by the driver.

Overall and Clubs leaderboards
If you have improved your stage time of the class or with that partical car, that time will than also be uploaded to the overall leaderboards.
Next to that, there can also be Clubs Leaderboards. There can be two ways these clubs leaderboards work, namely (A) showing the overall leaderboards times from only the club members, or (B) based on the Time Trail Challanges events times. For now I have a better feeling for option A, but if possible I would like to see both options being integrated.

Time, stages, events, championships and attempts
Time. How long a TTC event takes place is the same as with the current clubs for rally events. Though maybe this will need some testing to see what works well.

Amount of stages. You can select one or multiple stages for a time trail challenge event. This could mean that there will be a TTC overall winner, but also TTC stage winners at an event.

Events/Championships. As with clubs, it could be possible to organize multiple TTC events and in the end there will be a Champion.

Attempts. How many times someone can challenge a stage to post a quicker time can be decided by a hoster. This could be 1, 2, 5, 10, etc. till unlimited attempts. A different amount of attempts will ofcourse cause a different approach by drivers and different feeling for attacking the stages. 

Improved leaderboards needed
The leaderboards of DR2.0 aren't very flexible. You can for example only see a class in combination with a stage. I would really like to see this will go towards the leaderboards of RaceRoom.
- Leaderboards based on region/nationality (am i the fastest in my country?)
- Class
- Car (am i the fastest with a partical car?)
- Club (new than / friends)
- Maybe more options...




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