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@justbiglee Myself and my team mate Vorrtz are wondering what kind of prizes we will be awarded, And is it only teams that are awarded these prizes or individual places too, Because team stp where first for team and second and third individually ,Soz mike but you would have beaten me if you had a first round time

After all we have run this competition for 5 weeks .hours per track through thick and thin , Even had to deal with my mother passing away 3 weeks ago and using a pad i think i done extremely well.
So I've been thinking about running a DiRT forum/contest/league type thing where its effectively ran like an actual rally event with stages and a leaderboard with total times etc

Here is a brief run down of what I was thinking of doing:
  • You guys get into teams of two
  • I set the week's stages (maximum of 3 per week)
  • I tell you what game mode/car class (and sometimes which car) you need to use
  • This could be from any DiRT game (any platform), depending what the majority of you have
  • You have 5 days to enter the event and submit your best time
  • I run a leaderboard of the total times for the previous weekends event for drivers and a season leaderboard for teams
  • We'll decide on how many weeks a season should run (I'm open to suggestions)
  • You guys can make videos/livestream etc if you like
  • Winning teams get prizes
So I just have a few questions:
1) Would you like to take part in such a thing?
2) Which DiRT games do you have? (let me know what platform just in case we decide to do some rallycross/live mp events)
3) What shall we call it? I was thinking DRC (DiRT Rally Championship)

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wich thread Lee told us about that ? cant find it lol.
would like to say thanks there or i ll do it here now ^^
i think my teammate vadda told him my adress.

Big THX for the prices, from me and team Euronics Gaming, to Lee and Codemasters ! was a great competition :)
yup Vadda has your Autosport game key too
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