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Dirt 5 - Update 1.03 removed save files!


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Hey there all.

First of all, I know this is Dirt Rally 2.0 section, but since Dirt 5 is still locked (dunno why...) so I have to use this to contact anyone. Maybe some mod can move this topic there after it will be open.

I was playing Dirt 5 fine since a few days (review copy). I'm playing on PS4 Pro. Everything was going fine, I was progressing without any problems and since career is pretty long it really took some time.
But today there was a 1.03 patch that deleted my whole save file and started a new one like nothing happend! I still have my old save file on the PSN cloud, but downloading it again did nothing. 
I know this doesn't concern most of you, as you will be starting on the updated version of the game, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm reviving this game and something like this happens...

I used the feedback form, I contacted them on discord but no response from any of them... Maybe here I will have more luck with contacting someone from the staff. 
I really would like to bring back my old save or fix it somehow to be able to continue where from the last event I've finished. 

I hope you all understand my frustration. I don't want to bash anyone, I just want to bring some light to this problem as I think it's not a small bug.


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Hi all, please report via the link above 🙂 


(edit: Reread your post, seems you used the form already. In that case give it time. Every report gets read.)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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