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There's no way to save game progress in split screen championship.

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A detailed description - The game has no option to save game progress during split-screen championship.
Platform - Windows 10 PC
Version of the game - 1.12
Can you make the problem happen again? - Yes, every time, when exiting split-screen mode.
How do you make the problem happen? - By trying to continue previously started season in split-screen mode.
What troubleshooting have you attempted? - None, because despite it being a gamebreaker, it's still a feature that's not functional at all (or just absent), rather than a bugged one.
What peripherals are you are using - Xbox One S gamepad and/or Logitech G29.
Any screenshots or video of the issue? - I suppose they're not necessary for this issue.

And a bit wider explanation: F1 2020 has fantastic split screen mode, and you can even play entire season of 100% length races with your friend as your teammate if you'd like to. The game even keeps track of points scoring along the whole season, which is awesome and unusual nowadays. BUT!! What's the point of all this if YOU CAN'T SAVE THE GAME in this mode at all!? There's not even an autosave option. Every time you exit split screen mode, the whole progress is gone. There's such a big potential in this mode, and everything is already there. All that's needed is one small micropatch, that would add at least an autosave feature. Actually it's already there, like in championship or career mode. Please just make it functional in split screen too. I believe it's not asking for too much.

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Hi @Darmorque,

I've moved this to Suggestions and will add for the developers to discuss. Thanks for the feedback. 👍

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