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I just play this game for a few weeks now.

My question is how your opponent in a Duel is selceted:

Is he only looking at the number of trophies or a combination of highest rank, performance indicator, level, R&D points and safety rating? 

And are you always racing a real opponent? Or just like in other games are you racing somtimes against bots?

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How does the matchmaking work?

Duel mode aims to put you into a race against another player with a similar amount of Cup Points and, therefore, similar ability to yourself. The Performance Indicator (PI) value of each player's F1 car is not taken into account during the matchmaking process.
There is the possibility during matchmaking of large differences between players regarding Cup Points earned being matched together. This is rare, but offers you the opportunity to earn a large amount of Cup Points, or have very little to lose.
From the Codemasters website.
To answer your second question no you don't always play a real player, your opponent can sometimes be a 'bot'. Sometimes this will be a fake profile and sometimes it will be a real profile but you'll play their bot.  
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