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It’s not an actual reset, just lose/DNF the race.   I don’t even actually race, just quit as soon as it’s available for DNF.  Takes a bit of time.  Roughly 3 races equals 90-100 points.   As I DNF a string of races, the matchmaking takes it as a horrible losing streak, and I am pitted against lower and lower ranked opponents, so I’ll lose as much as 39 points for the race, and about 29-30 for an equally matched opponent.  

I do complete a race occasionally for a challenge, supply box or chance to wast his a video....advertisement about solar panels or a golf game, but that’s it.

After close to two days,  have another 1600ish points to lose or about 55 races.   

it’s stupid, but pretty bored of the game again.

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I don't remember this happening the past few times I have done this race to Zero, but as I approach zero the amount of points has been reduced to approximately 20 points per DNF at around 1000 points remaining and further reduced to 9-10 inside of 500 points remaining.  Maybe that has always been the process or perhaps a new tweak by codemasters.  At any rate, see how far I can get in the remainder of the month.


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