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F1 2021 Wishlist

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1: Teaming System for Multiplayer Cars


Alongside giving online a huge bugfix, you should add a new feature for Multiplayer cars in unranked game modes, which is a teaming system. It is so annoying that the game gives you a random teammate, and when you have to box there's always a chance that your randomly given teammate comes in the same time and cost you a race win. This feature would make a big change not just only in regular unranked matches where people rac with Multiplayer Cars, but also in league racing.


Customisation items and system from F1 2019:

To be honest, the customisation system was a massive disappointment in F1 2020. Most of my favourite liveries didn't even make it, plus I didn't like this Podium-Pass thing either. The liveries, suits, helmets you could get from the podium pass and the items shop were hideous. Some liveries were completely over-detailed, some was brutally basic looking, which discouraged me from buying and using them. The same applies to helmets and suits. That's why I want you to bring back the liveries, suits, and helmets that were in F1 2019. There should be standard and premium items again. It was more rewarding for me that I had to collect 2000 Pitcoins by completing ranked races, just to be able to buy the livery that fulfilled my imaginations.


Different sponsor slots for different liveries and sponsor options:

It is great that we can choose, which sponsors we would like to put on the car. But I think a few things are missing. These are the followings:

  • Sponsor size slider: This would allow you to set the size of a certain sponsor. The reason why it is needed is because some sponsors look very tiny on the car: eg. Gedankenubertragung.
  • A more free sponsor slotting: This would allow to put your sponsors ANYWHERE you want on your car, in case if you put, your cars on the side of the car, a mirror-system-assistence would help to make your car still look beautiful. The amount of sponsors you can have on your car would be limited to 8 sponsors when not playing in MyTeam.

Race length slider:

Just like at the AI difficulty, the race length would have its own slider too. So you can have a 35%, 20%, 40% races aswell.


Overall these are all the things that would encourage me to buy F1 2021

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I’d love a helmet and livery editor like the one in GT sport. That for me would be my #1 ask for F1 2021

the other thing I’d love to see is in the driver career, when you’re in F2 to be able to do a couple of FP1 sessions for an F1 team. E.g if you’re with the Ferrari academy you’ll do it for a randomly allocated feeder team (Alfa or Haas). It’d really add to the realism and surely wouldn’t be a big undertaking to add it to the game.

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I would like to add:

Cockpit camera only in Multiplayer without any assists as an option (Unranked, League)

Pre-Season Testing in career mode like in MotoGP series

MFD integrated into the steering wheel in cockpit view

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Am a big fan of PGA 2K21 (golf game) and it has a course designer feature which has enabled thousands of courses to be uploaded/played by the community.

I think a track designer would work similarly well in F1 2021 in fact could be an incredible addition to the game. Thousands of different tracks to drive on? Yes please!


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