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Why driving assist make you faster?

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Hi, I have a question regarding driving assistance, I'm at level 15 with 32 R&D points and approx 600-800 attributes point, I tried without any assist and somehow the car did not get any faster, the car becomes seriously unstable and I had to break all the time. I can't even get past the medium AI in a single race.

So then I switched to Intermediate assist, somehow the car becomes more stable, smooth cornering, faster, and also can beat the AI easily, I could even win a duel with a player who had better upgrades than my car, mine was 1350 and that player was ~1700, the assist is like adding an extra upgrade to your car, also I can only max the lightweight to ~250+ and power between 180-200+, I have to lose the handling below 90 because I don't have enough point.

This is so upside down because no assist should make you go faster isn't it?


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