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Dirt Rally 1 (not 2.0) league server off?

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Is there any problem with the Dirt Rally(Steam) league server?

I created some event without any problems last week.

but, I haven't been able to access the league in the game since yesterday.

And there are '500 internal server errors' on the league website.

By the way, I can access the online daily/weekly/monthly event.

I'm in South Korea.



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1 hour ago, PJTierney said:

Still down? I can see it fine:



Hello PJ Tierney
If you login to the dirtgame.com website and click 'Leagues' in the left submenu, 500 error occurs. In-game errors occur when you connect to the league.

Clubs without an ongoing league look normal, but clubs with an ongoing league seem to have 500 errors.

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I have a feeling it has to do with a recent URL change, so the URL the game is looking for is different to the one the website is using.


I'll pass it on.

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