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official dirt club reset?

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I originally bought PC Dirt Rally 2.0 on the MS/Xbox store, but there were problems with the DLC. So I returned the XBox version, got a refund and purchased the Steam version and it plays great. (I posted about this mess in the forums here)

However, in the time I had the MS/XBox version, I apparently entered an event in the Official Dirt Rally 2.0 Club under the MS/XBox "platform," and now I can't access the event, since I don't have that "version" any longer.

The event reads: "This event is already in progress on this RaceNet account via another linked platform. Once an event has been started it can only be continued on that platform." I remember specifically entering that event thinking that I was on PC, so I'd be able to continue on PC.

Everything else is tied to my Steam account on PC and my separate XBox version.

Who would I talk to about the possibility of wiping my MS/Xbox "platform" out of the Event/Club so I can use it. I had 2 points in the event, and I don't care if I lose them.


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