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SRL season 2 starting soon! (PS4)

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We are the Sunday Race League!

The Sunday Race League (SRL) is a PlayStation F1 2020 league. The first season of SRL just ended and all three tiers have crowned a worthy champion for both the drivers and constructors titles. The second season starts on the 13th of December, be sure to join!

SRL strives to be a league that takes input from every driver. To be sure that every driver will be heard, the staff is always available for a chat and we have channels where everyone can suggest things. We have a great community with drivers, stewards, commentators and more! Next to the regular SRL season, which will be raced every Sunday (different start times for different tiers), there is also an F2 league and unranked racing being hosted. The regular season races are 50% with short qualifying.

SRL is looking for drivers who want to race clean and be involved in a great community! Are you a commentator or do you want to race AND commentate? Even better! All Assists are allowed, except for pit assists to keep it realistic.  The start times will be between 16:00 and 20:00 GMT. This will be based on the tier you are in.

How to join?

Have a look at our YouTube channel to see how the first season went down:
This is the link to our Discord, where you can sign up:


We are looking forward to having you in the league!

Kind regards,

The SRL Team.


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