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I am playing a full F2 season with 100% race lenght and race results are usually screwed up by IA drivers making a pit stop in race2, which does not require any pit stop at all.

The cause of this problem can be the fact that IA drivers are using 2-3 set of hard tires during free practice, so this means that they use in free practice the sets of Hard tires which are supposed to be used in race 1 and race 2: as a result of this, IA drivers don't have any new set of Hard tires to use in race 2, so they are forced to make a pit stop. I think that if you prevent IA drivers from using more than 1 set of tires in the free practice session the problem would be solved, because they would have fresh tires for race 2 and they wouldn't need any pit stop.

BUG 1.jpg

BUG 2.jpg

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Do you think it works like that? I think that the harder set of tyres an F2 driver can use in sprint race is the same set of tyres they give you if you want to do the qualy in the harder compund, not the practice one.

I believe this bc I run a 50% race yesterday in F2 championship. I have the practice session active but I didnt go out, I didnt do a single lap in it bc I had already done practice in the same circuit in other saved file minutes before. So, at that momment all of my tyres were at 0%. Then I went to qualy. I did one lap in the harder compound just to set a banker lap. Those tyres were at 7% when I entered the pits. Then I went out again but this time with the softs and made the good lap. 

Later on, now in the race, I started it somewhere at the back of the field with a new set of harder tyres (they were at 0% when formation lap started) and made 10 laps with them. Then I made the mandatory pitstop and put the softs wich were new, no use, they were at 0% at finished the race.

Later on, in the sprint race, I stared it in the harder tyre, but this time they were not new, they were 7% used, so they were exactly the same I used in the banker lap in qualy. The game didnt give me an option of using the harder tyre I had avalaible in the practice, I didnt have any new set of tyres of any compounds. So, if I didnt have the possibility of using the harder tyre of the practice session, I would asume the same thing happens with the IA... I believe you cant use race tyres in the practice, and you cant use practice tyre in the races.

I also see the problem the IA pitting in the sprint race when what they should do is try to survive with one set of tyres (as any human player would try to do to get the most of the race without having to do a mandatory pitstop and lose a lot of time) but I dont think it is bc the thing you say about practice tyres, I think the bug is that the IA can not make sprint race tyres last to the end, or at least the "think" they cant, so they pit and ruin completely their sprint race.

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You can't use free practice tires in races (there is only ONE set of tires which is specifically for practice, and it is the only one you can use if you don't want to race with already worn tires) but as you can see by the attached screens you can use the "race 2" set of hard tires during free practice. The first attached screen shows the tires you can use in free practice (in Fp you also have the set for race 2 available, and that's the problem with the IA) and the second one shows the tires you can use in qualy. You can see that there is one set of tires which is ALWAYS available to use, both in free practice and in qualy, but that set is the one that should be used for race 2, so if IA drivers use 2 sets of hard tires during Fp it is 100% sure that they used the set that they should have used in race 2. If the expected life of that set only exceeds the number of laps of race2 by 3-4 laps it is very likable that in the moment of starting the race 2 that set has not enough life left to cover the full distance of race 2 because IA drivers wasted that set during free practice. As for the soft compounds, one is for qualy and the other one is for race 1, there are no soft tires for race 2, so IA drivers who select that compound for race 2 are using the same one they used in qualy, so during race 2 they don't make a single lap with fresh tires, because they don't have any set of new tires left.

The fact that IA drivers start race 2 with an already worn set is easily noticeable if you "spy" their tires while they are on the grid just before the start through the race replay. From the screen below you can see the difference between my set of new hard tires and the tires used by IA drivers... in some cases the tires they use are already "devastated", and they are incredibly slow even with 110 difficulty. You can see one of the races in which this bug screwed up the results in this video (it is in italian, but you can clearly see how slow IA drivers are through the race, so slow that I was about to hit them multiple times) 





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