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Promotional copy: will it work normally?

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Good morning to everybody. A friend of mine living in a different part of our country has an unopened Schumacher edition which he doesn't use. He offered to send me the disc but I am doubtful as I don't want to pay - though for just the shipment - for something which I am not 100% sure it'll work. The doubt comes from the fact that the box is labelled "Promotional copy not for resale".

Now the question is whether the promotional copy is 100% identical to the normal product or if I will be unable to use it because the system somehow recognizes that it is promotional copy (I know, sound quite a newbie question but I am not an expert of these dynamics).

Let me know so to help lighten the lockdown we're almost approaching. Currently using F1 2019 and wanting to join some friends of mine running championships in F1 2020..

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