Hi everyone, After a short break, we will be back with for Forum Championship on PC, starting again 20/11/2020 with a slightly revised format. Firstly, congratulations to @kisuke_fly for winning the drivers and to his team-mate @UP100 for fighting for the championship until the very end, both securing the constructors for Red Bull. This season, we will be running a total of 12 rounds, with 10 running on a normal season format, and 2 'joker' rounds with classic cars on classic tracks Round Schedule: USA, Brazil, Canada, JOKER, Mexico, France, Britain, Belgium, Italy, JOKER, Spain, Australia - I've based this roughly on the 1996 season, the first season watching F1 I can remember. The venues of the 2 'Joker' rounds will be decided by the Steam Chat for the Championship. Also, regular drivers for the Season will not be allowed to pair up, giving more teams a chance at the Constructors Championship.
  ---- NEXT ROUND ---- SEASON OVER! THANK YOU ALL   ---- DRIVERS & TEAMS ---- Red Bull - @kisuke_fly and @SingaporeTrackLizard Ferrari - @UP100 and @Pawel567 Racing Point - @TeenierNeilb69 and lucadude40 Alfa Romeo - @LSKone and @Reghinald Mercedes - @steviejay69 and @Bezny09 McLaren -  Renault - @kon1303 and @Bojan Alpha Tauri - @BarryBL and @silvi6 Haas - @xandosh and @Bonedog225 Williams - @massa88 and @Gobou Sann Reserve: @GreenGreen For other players wanting to join in the fun, please let me know by adding name and preferred team, as a post, on this thread. There is also a poll on a preferred day and time for the race meetings, so please vote.
  ---- RACE RULES ---- Lobby open Fridays at 4PM GMT. Qualifying will usually start at 4:10. Cars: Equal 2020 50% Race Short Qualifying Random Weather Setups Allowed Formation Lap On Reserves may join without signing up.
---- Steam Chat ---- Most communication in this league will be done through our Steam Chat group. It's not mandatory to join it, but it's home to all the important information such as when we are starting the quali and so on. It's throughly recommended 🙂  https://s.team/chat/OdGIqsXZ