Hi, I take the opportunity to publish my current stats: 26 races 100% length so far (driver career): - Qualifying (19% wet)
21 dry
3 wet
2 mixed conditions (which means Q1 dry, Q2 wet for example, or changing weather during a session...) - Race (23% wet)
20 dry
6 mixed conditions (2 of them started wet, then dried out, wet again at the end)

- Practice sessions
I do not write the detail but more or less same percentages   From my point of view it looks a bit too much raining in comparison with the real, and if I should count the total dry weekends, they are only 10 out of 26. The best solution IMHO would be to add a toggle to choose the weather session by session (automatic, dry, full wet, etc.) like the AI difficulty.   Cheers,