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Set-up in latest version

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I’ve been noticing the rise of a different set-up by some drivers that seems to be pretty quick; a load of aero with power 2nd and a bit of brake. I’ve had drivers with 200 less pi getting a bit to close to me. It’s only something I’ve noticed recently. Anyone noticed this? I tried it and doesn’t work for me. Could it be bots or relying on upping assists to neutralize a lack of handling etc? Anyone got any ideas? 

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I thought it was bots but in general bots don’t make mistakes / pick up engine penalties. I got beat by someone at Australia by 6 seconds AND he got a engine penalty in the first sector. I’m drive the circuit okay and maybe was a 1 or 2 sec slower than normal but that’s it. He had 200 less pi and this weird setup.

like I said maybe it’s in combination with assists? Those set ups don’t work without assists - I’ve tried 

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