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PS4 intermediate leagues ?

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I'm an intermediate player looking for a league that allows some assists. I race clean and take it seriously, just new to the game and can't hang with the 'experts". I've tried several thru the leagues

section of the game, but have found only 2-3 people show up even though 20 are signed up. A few races I've been the only one to show up. I've looked through discord site and it seems all the leagues are for more advanced players. In addition does anyone have tips/instructions for navigating Discord? For a new member it seems chaotic and unorganized but I'm sure there's a method to the madness

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Hey SPiveyCJ

I may have just the league for you,


Team XI Racing league use myteam cars to create a custom team sprint championship.

We race on Sundays at 2030 GMT and there's a smaller classic car league that runs on Thursdays 20.30 GMT.
Race day consists of 1 × 25% feature and 1 × 5 lap sprint race.

We are a small group of 20 highly engaged and personable drivers that are more or less in the same boat as you.

You won't get lost on the discord server and most if not all of our members are new to it too. 

Our focus is on doing things exceptionally well with a small group rather than people getting lost in the peripheral distractions or tiers and promotions, it is after all about racing and about fun.

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