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Welcome to the L2S community page. https://discord.gg/tyhvyFmD   -- TO JOIN ADD chappy#2215 on discord or Chappyy92 on PSN 

This community was created to enjoy clean, competitive and most importantly fun racing on F1 2020 (as we know, random lobbies are none of the above). L2S run a number of different championships including F1, F2 and a Time Trial Championship across different nights in the week. Hopefully it means there’s something for everyone. We are building a community where people can enjoy close racing and also have some banter on our various discord servers.

We have a L2S community server that will centralise all the various championships showing all race results, sign ups for all the championships and hopefully a place where everyone can improve. You can set up practice lobbies, races for fun, find tips and tricks to improve as a driver, community feedback. There could be a few surprises in the coming months.

Thank you for being a part of our community and see below some useful info:

Days and times the various championships:

Unranked Lobbies TBA (Twice a week average) 

L2S F1 championship: Thursday nights at 9pm UK time 

L2S F2 championship: Tuesday nights at 9:30pm UK time

L2S TT Championship: Monday to Sunday midnight UK time

Please read our rules before joining.

1. Clean driving. You must have a basic understanding of Race Rules.
2. Weekly Attendance (Signing in or out of weekly races)
3. When Retiring from race please return to pits before exiting the game (No rage quitting AI will ruin the rest of the race)
4. No resetting to track.   (We want the racing to feel as realistic as possible)
6. Shouting or abusive behaviour in-game and within Discord will not be tolerated
(If any such behaviour is reported, the league moderators will discuss and decide upon appropriate action.)
7. Record your onboard footage and post all track incidents to incident-report-page - (NO VIDEO EVIDENCE NO INCIDENT)
8. Have fun and enjoy the racing !

Join here --- https://discord.gg/tyhvyFmD  ---  TO JOIN ADD chappy#2215 on discord or Chappyy92 on PSN 



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